Once upon a time there were two butterflies, with green, gold and red wings.

They were called Mr & Mrs Lovely.

One day Mrs. Lovely laid two little white butterfly eggs under a leaf, so the rain wouldn't give them a cold.

After a few days the eggs hatched and out came two brown and yellow spotted hairy caterpillars.

They looked round, one was called Ding and one was called Dong.

Ding said: " I'm so happy to be a caterpillar. "

"So am I" said Dong. "We are both young,

and we are both going to have a lovely time eating nice green leaves,

playing caterpillar games,

laying in the sun and sleeping in the moon."

They were having a super time.

Sometimes birds would try to eat them,

but no! Ding & Dong looked too smelly-poo, and the birds didn't want to.

Ding & Dong used to eat a hundred leaves a day!

They were very happy,

but one day they both started to feel strange,

they became all sleepy, and they didn't feel happy anymore.

Their friend, a big black beetle called Tiggle Toggle said,

"I think you are both going to die!"

"Oh dear!" said Ding, "Oh! Ding" said Dong.

"What happens when we die?" said Ding.

"Well" said Tiggle Toggle "Some people say you go to heaven.. "

"What's heaven like?" asked Ding & Dong.

"I don't know" said Tiggle Toggle.

"People say it's a place where God lives, and when you die, you go there and he makes you happy."

"We don't want to die." said Ding & Dong. " We are already happy."

Then a deep voice said: "There's no such place as Heaven"

They looked up, and there was a big black vulture called Lumpy-Conk.

"When you die, that's the end of you" he said, and flapped his wings.

Poor Ding & Dong cried

The next week, Ding & Dong fell asleep and slowly turned into dirty brown Cocoons.

They stopped moving and became very still.

"Yes, they're dead," said Lumpy-Conk.

"I'm going to eat them all up. "

But Tiggle Toggle the beetle said

"Don't you dare! If you do, I'll bang you on the head with a conk-hammer."

This frightened off Lumpy-Conk, who flew away to his nest to play his banjo.

All Winter,

the two little cocoons of Ding & Dong lay still, stuck to the leaves,

and everybody said

"Poor things, they haven't moved for a year, they must be dead."

And everybody forgot all about Ding & Dong,

except Tiggle Toggle the beetle,

who came once a month and put little forget-me-not flowers by their cocoons.

But, one sunny day,

Tiggle Toggle was walking along the branch to put flowers on Ding & Dong

when he saw something magical happening!

The two little cocoons of Ding & Dong split open

and out came two beautiful butterflies, scarlet, green & purple.

"Whoopee" said Ding & Dong. "Look at us! We are not dead anymore."

And they flew up and down the garden,

drinking honey from the flowers and playing aeroplanes.

"Tiggle Toggle was right" said Ding. "This is much better than being a hairy caterpillar"

Tiggle Toggle the beetle was right,

there is a Heaven,

and they flew through the summer gardens with thousands and thousands of coloured flowers.

Spike Milligan

The above story was written by Spike Milligan for children as an allegory for life after death.
As I've been creating this page I have read and re-read this little story,
and find it so amazingly simple and explicit -
written as no one else can with that little twist of humour of his.
Do hope you've enjoyed this.
Here is a link to another page with his Silly Verse for Kids - Enjoy!


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