~ Sugar and spice and all things nice - that's what little girls are made of. ~
~ Thank heavens for little girls - for without them what would little boys do? ~

This day that you're celebrating
Is so important to me
I can remember it oh! so well - can you - can't you see?
It was the day you were born - so perfect - so pure,
The moment I held you close to me, I could feel my spirits soar.

We brought you home, and tended to you,
A bundle of joy - no matter how you view.
Sharing with us all the love you had,
Being with us in good times and sad,
The striving - the winning,
You'd reached the stars from the very beginning.

So my love - I tell you this now
You are the tops - and I give you my vow
You'll always be here locked in my heart
Never to leave - as from the start!

Our daughter is soon to celebrate a 'big' birthday -
which took me back to the day she was born......and how it all unfolded....
How quickly the time has flown past... another lifetime!
And just look at them all now.... wow!!
Must say got lots to be thankful for.

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