Where are they now, those faerie folk
Who once dwelt in my wood
When I was young, who played with me
And taught me what they could?
Iíd hear the Dryad sing her song
In the shadows by a twisting stream.
Iíd chase the elves and theyíd chase me.
Iíd hide behind a magic tree
Or in a moonlight beam.

Where did they go? When did they leave?
I canít recall the day.
Did I say goodbye to them
And watch them go away?
Or did I just forget to look
One day when I was older?
Did I, perhaps, just slip astray,
Neglect to go one winter day,
A world-wise youth and getting colder?

Iíll go back now to the wood
Again to find the grace,
The long-missed fun of tiny folk,
Of meeting faeries face to face.
I will find them and Iíll stay this time.
Iíll not again forget their names.
Iím younger now, not near so wise
As when I wore a young manís guise.
Itís time I joined their games.

Robert F. Potts
@ 2001

Isn't this so true, and so magical!!
Robert Potts contacted me about another poem I have of his 'Can you Imagine'
where the first line was missing! In conversation he very kindly offered me
this one. Should you choose to 'borrow' it.......
please don't forget to give him the credit.... Thank you!

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