When thinking back on those years long ago,
When we were young and had so far to go
Little did we care what came our way
We simply knew how to enjoy the day.
Full of optimism, full of fun.
There we were basking in the sun.

Was is it all that long ago
When we sat around and watched the fire glow,
Played hopscotch and had treasure hunts,
Sardines and charades and midnight feasts -
All were favourite treats.....
All those years ago.

The years went slipping quickly by
Marking events that made our lives
Ever richer, though little did we know
All those years ago.

Grown up now and loving it
Proving to the world and showing it
Standing tall and letting it
All those years ago...

Married life with young to tend
Cuts and sores for you to mend
With love and joy - no time for other things
Your life revolved around your fledglings
All those years ago....

Life may change its course throughout the years
But the memories never go - they are always there.

Ah! the memories........ all those years ago!


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